Friday, November 19, 2010

Major Upgrade

Colorjive just took a leap forward. We managed to add new features and make it simpler to use at the same time. This version has been thoroughly tested for the last few months and feedback shows that people love it. While Colorjive is constantly being tweaked and improved in small incremental steps, this is the first major upgrade.

Below is an overview of the most important new features and improvements:

Click and Paint

You can now click on any color swatch in your workspace and start painting right away. No need anymore to first drag the color to the toolbar.

Two shiny new tools: lasso and line.
The lasso not only draws straight lines, it also draws free shapes when you keep the mouse button pressed.

Minus Tools
The eraser tool has gone. Instead every single tool now has two versions: plus and minus. The plus tools are obviously to add, the minus tools to remove paint.

New Lighting Feature
By popular demand, we added this feature in order to change the appearence of a color in the photo. Because you change the lighting, not the paint, the settings will affect all colors that are applied onto that spot.

New Color Swatch
Color swatches have become much more powerful. When you click on a color swatch, two small new icons appear at the top: 'fan deck' and 'remove'. The fan deck icon allows you to change the color instantly. The other icon is to remove a color swatch. Sometimes a bucket will appear in the swatch, this is to indicate that this particular paint has been applied in the photo.

NCS Color Browser
NCS is the universal language of color. When you open the color browser, you will now find a powerful NCS color browser. Most paint brands can produce color according to NCS specifications. But the browser will also seek the closest available color in your favorite brand. Please let us know if there's any paint brand you'd like to see in here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saving Lives with Purple

A UK research team has found that purple colored wind turbines kill a significantly smaller number of birds. That's because insects are not attracted to purple and therefor the birds don't come to chase the insects. Question remains: are we, humans, attracted to purple windmills?
Maybe not. But windmills don't need to be white either. The image shows a row of colored windmills by night in Holland. As an interesting aside: this color scheme was made with the aid of Colorjive technology.