Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Colors of the Taj Mahal

Who would have thought the 'white' Taj Mahal has so many colors?

This is the series of pictures of the Taj Mahal in India that I promised in my previous blogpost. I choose this location because you can find thousands of snapshots of the Taj Mahal online. This way I Googled a series of photos taken on different times of the day from the exact same angle. Not only you see the light shift during the day, the color of the Taj Mahal also shifts dramatically.
No, this is not due to the different cameras. While we have the illusion that colors always remain the same, in fact they most certainly do not. The light, and therefor all colors, depend on the angle of view, the moment of day, the location, etc. We tend to always see the Taj Mahal as white, due to a very powerful psychological feature called 'color constancy'. Only when you actually compare photos you can see the difference.


  1. What fantastic changes of mood - created by the play of light.