Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eduardo Souto de Moura, an architectural master in color

News came in that Eduardo Souto de Moura, a Portugese architect, has been awarded the 2011 Pritzker Prize. You could think of the Pritzker Prize as the special achievement Academy award for Architecture.
'During the past three decades, eduardo souto de moura has produced a body of work that is of our time but also carries echoes of architectural traditions. His buildings have a unique ability to convey seemingly conflicting characteristics - power and modesty, bravado and subtlety, bold public authority and a sense of intimacy - at the same time,' says the Pritzker Prize jury.
On first sight, Souto de Moura's use of color conveys conflicting characters as well. Consider this colorful sketch of the Braga Stadium. It makes clear that Souto de Moura lives and breaths color. Even a simple and quick line sketch is filled with color.
Yet, if you look at the real thing, there's only a grey concrete structure.
So, is that all there is with regard to Souto de Moura's color? No certainly not. Just look closely at the concrete. Look again. Find the world of color that lingers in the higlights and shadows of the building. Perhaps the next picture will make it more clear.
So, Souto de Moura appears to be into greys, but upon closer look, he's very sensitive to color. Which is evident in explosion of color in the image of his Museum 'Casa das Historias Paula Rego' in Portugal.
Congratulations to Eduardo Souto de Moura, for winning the prize and being such an outstanding architect.

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