Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blue underpants, your key to business success!

Did you know that orange underpants are the key to your emotional success? I sure didn't. But it says so on onrangeunderpants dot com (visit at your own peril), so it must be true.
"I must admit that talking about the color of your undies was much like not having a missing tooth, a bit personal. Still, to try is to speak from experience and I found that orange undies have an amazing effect. It is like carrying around a subconscious security blanket – only you know you have it."
I have no orange underpants, so that must be the reason I'm an emotional wreck.

However, I'm pretty sure that my blue underpants are key to my business success. And pink underpants are key to success in love. For some of us, at least.
What do you want to succeed in? Choose your own color of underpants in the widget below.

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