Thursday, July 7, 2011

Color Time

Fashion tends to go out of fashion pretty fast. Those beautiful clothes today may look outdated only a few months from now. The timespan of fashion is 6 to 12 months. The timespan of a paint job of your house is 8 years on average. The timespan of a building may be hundreds of years. The timespan of a city may be thousands of years. When choosing colors, choose them with the appropriate timespan in mind. In makes no sense to choose highy fashionable colors for your home. But it makes no sense either to choose them for its full timespan of hundreds of years.


  1. Although color trends are constantly changing, does the love for a particular color change? Or the affect that color bestows upon one's mood? These are the real questions to be asking, because color is not about trend, it's about passion, desire, creativity and of course, feeling!

  2. Hi Benjamin,

    My love for particular colors changes all the time. And the affect that colors bestow upon my mood tend to vary with circumstances.

    That said,
    I have a collection of coffemugs, each in a different color. But somehow I always pick the same mug in a light green shade...