Wednesday, October 12, 2011

AkzoNobel brands brought under the banner of Let's Colour

AkzoNobel announced that pretty much all their consumer paint brands will go under the banner of 'Let's Colour' from now on. This is a bold move, considering that individual brands tend to form little kingdoms within the larger corporations. Quite a few little kings will be dismayed. 
It's also a bold move because it risks throwing away a lot of the consumer awareness and goodwill that the old brands built over the years. But Tex Gunning, the man in charge of AkzoNobel's multi billion dollar decorative coatings business, may well be right: "By delivering a consistent brand image around the world, we can increase our global scale and establish more leadership positions." It takes a bold man to make such a bold move. 
I'm not surprised though. I met Tex the other day, when we sat down to exchange ideas. He's a highly unusual figure in the top of the corporate world. He's open to new ideas and isn't shy of following his own course, even it goes against the stream. It takes a man like Tex Gunning to allow for a campaign such as 'Let's Colour'. I mean: which corporate leader in his right mind would allow thousands of cans of paint be wasted on old factory buildings and depressing housing projects? He did. While managing to generate a huge amount of exposure and goodwill in the process.
Good for you, Tex. 

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