Thursday, November 17, 2011

Can You Recognize Coca-Cola Red?

You probably know as well as I do that Coca-Cola Inc. goes to great lengths to have the exact same shade of red on every can and bottle of coke in every corner of the world. So, one would expect to be able to recognize Coca-Cola red, right? Else, why go through all the trouble? Here's a test. Can you recognize Coca-Cola red in the 3 images below? All images, including the photo of the can, were meticulously color calibrated.
Please take the poll to vote for the most likely contender. After you take the poll you can visit this page to see which image is actually Coca-Cola red.

Poll: Which has CocaCola red?


  1. Very cool. I picked #1, and I'm guessing so many others did because of the neutral gray background. Even though the white isn't exact, the red against the gray helps... do you agree?

  2. @Anonymous: Thanks. It's appreciated.

    @cyntia: Red#3 tends to pale a bit against the darker grey....