Color-Cola red, explanation

Ok, I confess to cheating. All three reds are exactly Coca-Cola red. You may have guessed that. But even so, I bet you weren't 100% sure. Right? So, what makes it so difficult to recognize Coca-Coca red? And why does Coca-Cola Inc. go through all the trouble?
The truth is, the human eye does not perceive color. Not directly, anyway. I'm not making this up, it is scientific fact. Rather than actual colors, the human eye perceives color differences. And from the color differences, our brain deduces colors. Here's an experiment you shouldn't try at home: 
Suppose, hypothetically, that you would cut the muscles attached to your eyes. And you would hold your head still. As a result you would turn blind. You eyes wouldn't be able to perceive anything. Because seeing requires eye movement. Whether you realize or not, our eyes constantly make tiny movements called saccades. The one image is constantly compared to the next. The differences are 'seen' as colors. This has an interesting implication: we don't recognize colors, we recognize color differences. Which is exactly why Coca-Cola red is so hard to pinpoint when presented against different backgrounds. So, Coco-Cola red isn't exactly about red, it is about the difference with Coca-Cola white. It's about contrast. You would hardly be able to recognize the brand if the white logo turned black. Even with Coca-Cola red.
The white that is used by Coca-Cola is as specific as the red. If you hold a piece of paper to it, you'll see that it is in fact much greyer and more bluish than paper white. Only image 3 has the specific combination of Coca-Cola red with Coca-Cola white. The others have each another shade of white. So I expect that most people will pick red #3 as Coca-Cola red. The poll will tell if I'm right.